At Skillforce Recruitment, our philosophy is simple – to source the greatest talent for a vast range of industries. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach – instead tailoring our service to meet your unique needs. We’re experts in providing external Human Resources as back up to a wide variety of organisations, with flexible options to fill any occupations fast and effectively, and we’re always busy doing exactly that!

That’s why we provide fast and effective Labour Hire, Permanent Placement and Payroll Services from single to bulk engagements.

We pride ourselves on offering such flexible options, because every organisation has different requirements. We’re home to a passionate and highly experienced team who take the time to get to know your business in depth, developing a personalised service and ensure your staffing requirements are met fast and effectively. We’re 100% transparent with all our services and charges, so rest assured you’ll never run into any hidden costs or charges when dealing with us.

Company History

Skillforce Recruitment was founded in 2010 by Daniel Ziccardi. Prior to opening Skillforce Recruitment, Daniel had more than 7 years’ experience in the recruitment industry as a dedicated recruiter/manager. Daniels strong passion for recruitment lead to him opening his very own recruitment agency. Daniel has put his experience and knowledge into beneficial use by working hard running his own company, which has developed strong and healthy client relationships, along with an extensive employee database.

Daniel has instilled his own experience and knowledge gained from clientele and employees alike in his prior career into his own staff and company, which has lead Skillforce Recruitment to be one of the most sought-after recruitment companies in the industry today.

Management are always encouraged to takes a hands-on approach within the company, especially when it comes to assisting the recruitment team with sourcing candidates that are difficult to find and must be an ideal match to suit the client’s requirements.

Senior Management

Daniel ZiccardiManaging Director
Email: danielz@skillforcerecruitment.com.au

Simon MiddlebrookGeneral Manager
Email: simonm@skillforcerecruitment.com.au

Our Values

Skillforce Recruitment prides itself on being a healthy and reliable recruitment agency. We aim to be a stable provider to all Australian Industries and aim to expand Australia Wide and beyond.


Safety is our first concern when placing our employees with host employers. We have strict protocols in place to ensure all host employer workplaces meet our minimum safety requirements at all times.