Body Language Tips for Your Next Interview


When you’re going for an interview you’ll no doubt spend a lot of time rehearsing your answers, researching the company and picking out your outfit, but what many people underestimate is the importance of body language. It doesn’t matter what kind of position you’re going for, or what level, using the right body language can instantly help you connect with your interviewer, and ensure you make the best possible impression. If you have an interview coming up, here are some body language tips that can help you get that dream job.

Offer a firm handshake

When you first meet your interviewer, you shake hands, and this small gesture can say a lot about you. Make sure your hands are warm, and try to go for a firm handshake, not limp or vice-like. You may be dealing with someone who’s experienced in labour hire in Perth and is meeting a lot of people that day, and you don’t want to be remembered as the one with the cold, limp hand.

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Mirror their body language

Interviewers feel at ease when they think the person they’re interviewing is just like them. Subtly mirroring their body language, for example, by crossing your legs when they do, can make them feel a connection to you.

Don’t fidget

Fidgeting is a sign of nervousness, which makes people think you can’t handle pressure. At worst, the interviewer might think you’re being evasive or have something to hide. Try to avoid habits such as:

  • Tapping your feet
  • Biting nails
  • Playing with your hair
  • Wriggling in your seat
  • Playing with jewellery

While you don’t have to sit completely still, try to avoid small, involuntary actions which can make you look awkward.

Sit up straight

Slouching in your chair can make you seem a little too relaxed, and poor posture in general can look sloppy. If you are dealing with a specialist in labour hire in Brisbane, they will soon pick up on these subtle cues. Good posture radiates confidence, and will make you feel more self-assured as you speak.

Use appropriate eye contact

Too much eye contact is just as bad as not enough. Get it wrong, and you can come across as nervous and strange. Always make contact when you first meet someone and shake their hand, then hold your gaze for a few seconds at a time, ensuring you don’t seem like you’re staring.

Avoid nervous laughter

It can be difficult not to let out a giggle when you’re nervous. Make sure you’re smiling when the interviewer first meets you, and when appropriate, but only let out a laugh if the interviewer is laughing. This will help avoid any awkward moments when you laugh at something that’s not meant to be funny, and ensures you look serious and professional.

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