Thank you for your interest in Shutdown and Fly-in Fly-out assignments with Skillforce Recruitment Pty Ltd.

Our Shutdown and Fly-in Fly-out Assignment Information is a guide for our employees in conjunction with our standard labour hire policies and procedures.


Any Shutdown and Fly-in Fly-out assignment with Skillforce Recruitment is casual employment. We do not provide or guarantee any set roster or assignment as these are dictated by our clients. Assignment availability fluctuates throughout the year. If you are considering leaving a more permanent occupation for a casual contract with Skillforce Recruitment, please take the time to consider the ramifications of your decision.


Perth is always the point of hire. If you are living interstate you are responsible for travelling to and from Perth at your own cost and without payment for time travelled to and from Perth.


You may be required to currently hold, or secure at your expense the following prerequisites:

  1. Current Drivers Licence
  2. Trade Certificate or Applicable High-Risk Licence
  3. Working at Heights – RIIOHS204A, RIIWHS204D
  4. Confined Space – RIIOHS202A, RIIWHS202D
  5. Gas Testing – MSAPMOHS217A
  6. Basic Fire – CPPFES2005A, TLIF2018A, MSAPMOHS212A, PUAWER008B
  7. Police Clearance – valid within 12
  8. Applicable High-Risk Licence VOC e.g.: SA VOC, RA VOC
  9. Manual Handling & Client Inductions (we will provide)
  10. Rio Tinto Inductions

Any further training you may require or wish to have, we have a preferred training centre which we can pass on the details offering Skillforce Recruitments referrals discount should you mention our company/name. Our preferred training provider is STES (Skills Training & Engineering Services Pty Ltd) located in Bibra Lake.

STES (Skills Training & Engineering Services Pty Ltd)

Contact: Clinton Kieswetter
Address: 27 Sphinx Way Bibra Lake WA 6163
Telephone: (08) 9418 8555


Medicals must be completed on request. Should you feel you will not pass a medical based on your Fitness Level; Previous Injuries etc. please let your consultant know immediately. Our preferred medical provider is Building Blocks Medical located in Welshpool.

Site based Employees may require a ‘Basic Medical’ that consists of the below assessments:

  • Basic Medical Assessment
  • Audiometry (WorkCover WA)
  • Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

To book your Pre-employment Medical please follow these steps:

  1. Phone your Skillforce Recruitment consultant and ask where you can complete your Pre-employment Medical.
  2. You will be advised of the closest medical provider, address and opening hours for you to
    We use several medical providers Building Blocks Medical being our main provider.
  3. Once you have completed your Pre-Employment Medical the results will be sent to us.

Building Blocks Medical
Phone: (08) 9358 2144
Address: 8 Moriarty Road, Welshpool WA 6106


A drug & alcohol screening MUST be completed within 24 – 72 hours of flying out to each shutdown assignment.  A positive reading or failure to complete a drug and alcohol screen will cause delays with your mobilisation and may result in you being demobilised at your cost. If you are unable to complete a drug and alcohol screen you will need to contact Skillforce Recruitment as soon as possible. Should you receive a positive reading a Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) will be required to determine if the reading is aligned with the stated medication. If a GC-MS is required during your employment this will be completed at your own cost, you will be invoiced for the charges plus an administration fee. The AOD test must be a urine lab drug screen in accordance with AS/NZS4308:2008 section 4.

To book your Drug & Alcohol screening Pre-Flight please follow these steps:

  1. Phone your Skillforce Recruitment consultant and ask where you can complete your Drug & Alcohol Screening.
  2. You will be advised of the closest clinic, address and opening hours for you to We will also SMS the details to you. If you are unable to complete the screening you must call your consultant immediately.
    We use several clinics Clinipath Pathology & Western Diagnostic being our main providers.
  3. The clinic selected will be the clinic to use every time before you mobilise to If you need to change clinic for any reason you must call your consultant immediately.
  4. Once you have completed your Drug & Alcohol Screening the results will be sent to us.

There are several DAS clinics for Clinipath and Western Diagnostics. Please refer to the list provided to you by your consultant or visit our website for clinic locations.


You may receive confirmation on training dates and times, a shutdown assignment, flight details by IM/SMS/Email from your consultant and/or our clients. You must reply using the code provided if requested in an IM/SMS, responses without the correct code or phone calls these number may not be received.


You may need to provide your own pants however; our client usually supplies shirts and basic PPE. Uniforms supplied by clients are usually supplied from our office or our client’s office depending on the client and situation.

You must supply your own steel-capped lace up safety boots that are in good condition, no slip-on boots or zips are allowed.



You will receive flight details by IM/SMS and/or email usually within 24 hours prior to mobilization. You may receive the information by us or our client. If you have not received flight information 12 hours before you known assignment time you must call your consultant immediately. In general, the scenario would be, if you know you are flying out tomorrow sometime and haven’t received your flight information by 4pm today (the day prior) you must call your consultant immediately.


You are authorized to take 1x 10kg bag of checked in luggage and 1x 7kg carry-on bag. From time to time this can change depending on the carrier. Please check your flight IM/SMS for confirmation on luggage allowances, if you are unsure you must contact your consultant immediately.


You are normally required to take your own basic hand tools to site, if tools are required for an assignment you will be advised by your consultant. The sites you attend generally have Tool Trailers provided onsite. However, boilermakers may want to take their own welding helmet and Scaffolder/Riggers may want to take their own work belt.


You must always keep training cards on you on the worksite, please place them securely in a pocket prior to leaving camp.


Any medication you take regularly or have taken recently, including over the counter medications must to be communicated to your consultant immediately. You must also advise your supervisors onsite. Prescriptions must be made available from you when requested, you must make take them to site. Medication that may impact your drug & alcohol screening including but not limited to sleeping pills, cold and flu medication (including cough medication), anti-depressants and anything containing codeine etc.


Telstra provides coverage for majority of the site camp and service areas, do not reply on a mobile phone for emergency communications. It is in your best interest to have a Telstra sim card so you can be contacted. You might miss out on work if you are not receiving or replying to IM/SMS for shutdown assignments. Mobile phones are NOT permitted on the worksite so please leave your mobile phone at the camp/accommodation unless approved by your supervisor. If you are expecting an important call from your partner or family you must discuss with your Supervisor on site.


Any form of misconduct will lead to dismissal from your duties. You will then be required to return home at your own cost, you will be invoiced and your pay will be deducted for any personal costs for you to return home. If you do not have any pay owing you must pay for the costs upfront.


You must complete a pre-start breath test prior commencement of your shift, you may be selected at any time for a random Drug and Alcohol Screening. If your breath test has a positive alcohol reading and/or a random test has a positive result it will be treated as misconduct on-site. You must call your consultant immediately if you have received a positive result on site.


You must take appropriate casual dress to site. Thongs and singlets may not be accepted on all sites.


Your timesheets will be sent through to Skillforce on shut completion and your payroll will then be processed the following Monday. Some clients be paid fortnightly from Friday to Saturday. Please contact the Skillforce office and not your consultant for any payroll related queries.

  • You must take a thermal travel mug to site for your drinks. Due to environmental considerations, disposable cups are not provided on
  • You are required to wash your own clothing and uniforms onsite using the laundry facilities. Washing detergent may be
  • Should an injury, illness or emergency occur onsite you must advise your consultant immediately and your on-site

If you have any questions please contact Skillforce on (08) 6142 5700 or email/phone your consultant.