Construction Recruitment – What To Look For

Western Australia is a big state with a wide and diverse construction sector. Ranging from large scale industrial construction projects to smaller scale residential home builders, there’s a constant demand for staff with the necessary construction skills and experience. If you find yourself short staffed and are in need of someone to help you find the right people for the job, you’ve come to the right place!

What is construction recruitment?

It’s pretty simple really. Construction recruitment is the act of finding staff with the right skills and experience necessary to fill roles in the construction industry. Our role is to act as an intermediary between our construction industry clients and a large pool of potential employees. We do all of the hard work of finding and interviewing the best candidates, which means that you’re able to spend more time focusing on running your business.

Benefits of recruiting mining staff from Skillforce Recruitment

Based in Perth WA we have decades worth of experience in the industry and accumulated an impressive database of skilled construction labour hire candidates that are perfectly tailored for the West Australian construction industry. The benefits of enlisting our recruitment company to assist you to include:



We find the right candidates, interview them and handle all the relevant paperwork. Because we’re a specialist recruitment company, we’ve worked out the most efficient, cost-effective way to do all of the advertising, interviewing, checks and screening on your behalf.



With more than 10 years of experience working with WA builders, we know the industry better than most. That means we know the best candidates on offer, have up-to-date information on salary & compensation rates and are aware of any and all issues within the marketplace.



If you are having recruitment issues look no further, our wide-ranging database of specialised candidates can be your recruitment secret weapon. A large recruiting network of specialised candidates means that we’re able to find the right person in less time, every time.


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A schedule of rates will be quoted to include:

  • Charge rate for each hour of ordinary time
  • Charge rate for each hour of overtime (typically time and a half, double time, double time and a half)
  • Charge rate for applicable allowances which will be paid to the employee in various circumstances (most commonly meal allowance, but also crib allowance, travel allowance, laundry allowance, plus various industry-specific allowances – for example, an additional amount per hour for working with wet/dirty hanging birds in the poultry sector.)

The charge rates for physical hours of time (ordinary plus overtime) are typically quoted for the position at discrete classification increments, for example, level 1, level 2, etc.

All labour hire assignments whether temporary or ongoing are subject to a minimum of Four (4) hour shifts per day. This is also a Fair Work Australia requirement.


Contracts Management



Health, Safety & Environment


Planning & Scheduling

Plant & Machinery Operations

Project Management

Quality Assurance & Control


Not limited to the above Industries / Trades ** Skillforce Recruitment Pty Ltd services all industries and welcome your enquiry.